Wadjet Eye Games: Interview mit Dave Gilbert

Blackwell SerienbildThe Blackwell Legacy was your first step into self-employment. Was it weird to end this chapter now?

Oh heck yes! The Blackwell games were never huge sellers, but they were always stable sellers. I knew I could release a Blackwell game and it would sell enough enough to earn my living and fund my next project. So it’s a scary prospect to be without it. Still, I knew it was time to end it before I got sick of it. Many franchises tend to continue wayyy longer than they should. And I think Blackwell went out on a high note.

What has changed since your first game and how did the development differentiate between Epiphany and Legacy?

We released over a dozen games between Legacy and Epiphany, so there’s no comparison. When I made Legacy I was single, unknown, living in a tiny studio apartment, and had only four months worth of savings to make it or break it. When I made Epiphany, I was married with a newborn kid. I had a dozen games‘ worth of experience under my belt, and I could apply all that experience to making Epiphany the best I could. I had a LOT more confidence in myself and I had a large, supportive fan community. Which helps more than you can ever imagine.

You consistently help other indie developers to publish their games successfully (ie Geminie Rue, Resonance or the latest release A Golden Wake). What is your influence on external developed games?

My level of involvement varies from game to game, but I do tend to get REALLY involved in the production process. I’m very aware of our „brand“ and if I’m selling something, I want to make sure it’s up to a certain level of quality. I’m not so hubristic to say that I know what makes a game GOOD, but I do have a lot of experience with what makes one BAD (e.g., having made lots of mistakes in the past!). So I like to get involved. If I notice right off the bat that something doesn’t work, I will work with the developer to change it. I play through the game dozens and dozens of times and take notes about little tweaks here and there. Things like extending pauses for dramatic effect, changing or removing music for key scenes, adjusting character positions to make a scene work better, changing or removing a line of dialog, that sort of thing. I do a *lot* of that. I can’t not.

Last question: 640 by 480? Someday?

Ben and I have been talking about it. :)

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