Wadjet Eye Games: Interview mit Dave Gilbert

Dave Gilbert founded Wadjet Eye Games in 2006 and is unrelated to Ron Gilbert.

Dave Gilbert founded Wadjet Eye Games in 2006 and is unrelated to Ron Gilbert.

You decided not to follow the events of Blackwell Deception directly and to pursue a smaller, much more locally rooted story for the ending of the series. Why was the conspiracy around Gavin, which was hinted in Deception, dropped?

Mostly because I was retreading the exact same ground. The spiritual vampires had a certain power, and they used that power on the characters you met in Deception. Over the course of that game, you helped the victims of that power and stopped someone from using it. Bringing them back in Epiphany would basically have had you doing the exact same thing. I realized early in the design process that it wasn’t going to work. At least, not in the way I wanted it to. So I dropped it and focused on the things that were more interesting.

Blackwell Epiphany ends in a tragic way but leaves us with a world with many stories yet to tell. Will we see Joey again in the future or is it more appealing to show this world from a different perspective or from a different location?

I do plan on setting games in New York again (you write what you know!). But if we see Joey again, it won’t be as a main character.

The series highlights some real locations. Did you research your surroundings for the games or are the locations you included more or less part of your every day life?

It’s no coincidence that most of the real world locations in the Blackwell series are about a five minute walk from where I used to live :). Washington Square Park, Grace Church, The Minetta Tavern, Grace School and the High Line are within walking distance from my old apartment. Other locations like the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse, the Gothic Bridge, and Greenwood Cemetery are places that I often loved to visit.

How are Nishanti and Moti? And what will Joey do without papers? ;)

Considering what Rosa did to Moti in Legacy, Moti is probably more relieved than anything else. As for Joey, it always makes me laugh that everyone’s first reaction to Joey coming back to life is „But… he has no identification or papers!“ As if that’s more preferable to, you know, being DEAD.

Will we see a Tomo game and when will Trollgate be back online?

I hope to make that Tomo game some day. Tomo is probably one of the most heavily foreshadowed characters ever.

The Blackwell series features fantastic and natural-sounding dialogue. What is your secret?

No real secret. I just try to write the way people talk. I often say the lines out loud, and do a lot of work with the voice actors. If an actor has trouble saying a line, I have no problems changing a few words here and there to make it flow better.

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