Cities: Skylines Interview mit Karoliina Korppoo

Be honest: How much money did you get from the government for the training of future city planners?

I assume they don’t want to pay us, because the game might also create city planners who only want to make citizens drink poop water ;D.

There are not many video game developers in Finland. What are your thoughts about the current state of the industry in your country and are there specific difficulties?

Finland has many mobile game developers but not that many companies working on PC games. The mobile hype is going strong at the moment, but our company is not interested in mobile games. We have professionals who have worked on mobile titles and decided that it’s time for something different. PC projects are large and long, and you can really polish the game in a different way when you work on it for a few years. Game industry in Finland is doing very well and it’s great to see so much talent!

A more personal question: You are one of the few female lead designers in gaming and especially in the last years, there were a lot of heated discussions about equality in the industry. Did this in any way affect your work at Colossal Order? How can we, as an industry, improve this situation?

Colossal Order has always been a great place to work, no matter what you have in your pants. We hire the best people, whatever gender they happen to be. We have even had a situation where half of the company was female, and even when gender is not a factor in hiring, this is quite unusual. Finland and the Nordic countries in general are good places to work even if you are a female in an industry mostly dominated by males. At least in Finland it looks like things are naturally changing towards more diversity, so I’d just wait and see. Everyone should hire people based on skills and how well they fit into the team, gender is hardly ever a factor when it comes to making great games.

Cities: Skylines Logo

Cities: Skylines

Now that you successfully revived the classic city builder, when can we expect a public toilet manager?

I’d love to make a game about the postal system, but basically anything can be made into a game. Perhaps the next hit will indeed be Toilet Tycoon 2016!

We take that as an official annnouncement! Thanks a lot for your time, Karoliina and keep up the good work!

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