Cities: Skylines Interview mit Karoliina Korppoo

Foto Karoliina Korppoo

Lead designer of Cities Skylines: Karoliina Korppoo

First things first: Did you write a Thank You Email to EA yet?

Haha! We love all the old Maxis games, it’s sad to see the studio shut down. Maybe we should send EA a card asking if they will re-open Maxis?

With this out of the way, let’s not talk about SimCity anymore. Your game is called Cities: Skylines and it is quite popular right now. How does it feel to be Paradox‘ new record game?

We are very proud and very excited! Paradox players have been very good to us. Ever since we released our first game, Cities in Motion, working with Paradox has seemed like a perfect match. Paradox players love playing simulation and we love making simulations.

How do you explain this huge success? Did you expect that amount of positive feedback?

We have always made solid, good games, but did not expect Skylines to do this well. It’s always very hard to predict which games will be hits, and from the game studio viewpoint it’s very hard to keep track of how journalists have reacted to the game. When our CEO came back from a press tour just before launch and told the team that this game is gonna be big, I don’t think anyone thought this was what she meant!

Did the success of Cities: Skylines somehow increase the pressure? Or are you just happy that everything went well?

We are very happy, especially that the launch was technically so solid. We also have received lots of feedback and wishes from players on forums and by email and are designing free updates and larger expansions based on that. It’s been very hectic after the launch, since we are only thirteen people and we need to have the time to answer players‘ questions on the forums and handle the media, and on top of that actually make more content for the game. We are confident that the way we make games is the way our players want games to be made, so we are planning to continue along the same lines.

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